CaffePiu – Caffe Piu – New and innovative Vending Machine
for Hot Snacks with Coffee


Perfect completion to standard size Coffee Vending Machines


Thanks to the innovative microwave system and the exclusive technology of Alessi Innovazioni, is it possible to realise the new idea.

Brioche, Croissants, etc. heated on the same time necessary to the normal disbursement of a coffee taken from an automatic distributor.

While you are waiting for your coffee, you’ll get your already heated Brioche, Croissant, Krapfen or Apfelstrudel, etc. for your coffee pause.

Finally it will be possible to enjoy a hot sweet or sour snack together with the coffee of your choice during your short coffee pause.

The system uses sweet or sour dishes which usually have a shelf life of about 60 days.


  • Exceptional 80 to 100 products
  • Heating time about 10 seconds – faster than coffee!!!
  • Low dimension
  • No necessity of refrigeration
  • Low consumption
  • Lowest maintenance
  • With additional storage space